The new C-Class Sedan

C-Class Sedan


The new C-Class Saloon combines cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance and stylish design to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Innovation technology. Extraordinary comfort. Remarkable efficiency. The new C-Class provided an exceptional driving experience.

Widens the eyes. Gets under your skin.

Let the new C-Class pass you by and, in the same moment, feel the thrill of its dynamic, coupé-like silhouette. Of it’s fluid, clean lines and its sculptural surfaces and contours. Of its refined sportiness that culminates in the elegant rear end. Leaving just one thing to be desired: to be the driver of the new C-Class.

A new style of leadership.

The new C-Class cuts an elegant figure and provides the ultimate in refinement. With an aerodynamic design for even more efficient motoring. And a breathtakingly beautiful silhouette. Equipped with new suspension technology and, as an option,an innovative damping system, the new C-Class delivers impressive driving dynamics. It takes aesthetic motion to a new level.

A true sense of direction.

The new C-Class can keep its distance and maintain its course as and when necessary, keeping a watchful eye on both the approaching traffic behind and the pedestrians ahead at the next junction. It can assist the driver with braking when it really matters. And issue an alert if it detects driver drowsiness. This is the new C-Class with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Innovative standard or optional driving assistance systems provide the driver with even more support than ever.

Designed to be wanted.

Individuality is about being entirely different to anything else. Like the new C-Class fitted out to your specifications. You can select from a wealth of choice materials, colour combinations and trims. Whatever your choice, you can be sure of first-class build quality and optimum ergonomics.

Impressive to the end.

Nowhere is the athleticism more apparent than in the wide rear end. It’s as if the new C-Class can’t wait to get out of the starting blocks, with tail lights that follow the shoulder line and further emphasis the saloon’s sportiness. Visually stunning LED lights add a contemporary touch with their modern interpretation and unmistakable design.

The C-Class Models

To make a car even more efficient, we develop highly sophisticated drive technologies that are both powerful and economical. If the aerodynamics are optimised at the same time, agility and driving dynamics are enhanced. This brings with it a further challenge, however, namely weight. The body needs to be lightweight yet robust. With 20% more aluminum components and ultra-high-strength materials, the new C-Class also sets standards in this respect. Whilst offering a level of safety that only a Mercedes-Benz can.

Pick Your Color

Pick Your Color

C-Class Sedan