Car Accessories

Discover the Star!

Simply Exceptional. When you drive a Mercedes, you don’t need to follow every passing fashion. You can demonstrate your assured sense of style with the Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment genuine individualization portfolio. All products are developed in collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz technology Center to ensure they are precision tailored to your Mercedes in both aerodynamic and visual terms.

Light alloy wheels

How do you combine advanced technology and individual design to optimum effect? Take a look at our Mercedes-Benz light alloy wheels. For each vehicle model we offer a wide selection of attractive wheel designs- from sporty to elegant, from contemporary to classic. The styling products are designed to underline the character of your vehicle. Perfectly in tune with the design idiom.

Telematics products

Telematics products play a big part in helping you to relax and enjoy your journey in comfort. Our range includes cutting-edge navigation technology, a variety of multimedia options and convenient telephony products. All of these are fully integrated into your vehicle’s display and control concept. And that helps enhance your safety. After all, it’s important that nothing distracts you from the surrounding traffic. Travelling with passengers in the rear? Not a problem. We offer a variety of innovative products for you rear-seat passengers too.

On-board safety

Optimizing safety has always been at the heart of research and development at Mercedez-Benz. Over the years, a variety of innovations from our laboratories have benefited all car drivers: the crumple zone, ABS, the airbag, and many other developments have become standard features on today’s roads. Our responsibility, of course does not stop there. When it comes to protection, what is most dear to us is their safety and well-being of our children. Thanks to our child safety range, your children can feel just as safe on the road as you do.