G - Class


Welcome to the end of the world. The new G-Class is already there. It’s everywhere. Continuing the tradition of a vehicle built for the most extreme conditions. The G-Class feels different to the mainstream, particularly in places where other vehicles dare not tread. As if these places were just made for it. Join us on a journey to the holy grail of mobility.

The DNA of the G-Class.

After almost 40 years, it was time for some big decisions. Starting with the grab handle – which stays where it is. Indispensable in off-road terrain, the handle is also a key element of the interior’s characteristic design. It is just as much a part of the unmistakable DNA of the G-Class as the spare wheel, door handles and direction indicators – all iconic features which have defined the distinctive appearance of the G-Class for generations. There are also plenty of changes, however: the fully revised interior design scales new heights. Here the design idiom and the interior proportions leave no doubt that this is the G-Class: confident, chiselled, iconic.

Strong genes.

The dune looms relentlessly. Picking a route through the giant sand hills is anybody’s guess. But the new G-Class remains unperturbed – slicing through the terrain, merging with its surroundings, becoming one with nature. It powers across the wasteland, cuts a swathe through the desert, literally moves mountains a little piece at a time. And then comes to a halt. Made it! Majestically it surveys its terrain and celebrates its triumph. This is its destiny. Its character. Its DNA.

Enhanced rather than changed.

A muffled rumble announces its arrival. The ground starts to shake. The air begins to vibrate. Then the G-Class turns the corner. Miles of highway opening up before it. It accelerates and starts to really shift. Unfamiliar terrain? On the contrary. Those who think the new G-Class is only in its element off the road couldn’t be more wrong. On the road, it soon becomes clear that the off-roader knows no compromise.

State-of-the-art legend.

That this is a contemporary interpretation of a legend is also evident, for example, from the car’s clear, geometric lines: climbing aboard the G-Class reveals styling elements from the exterior transposed into the interior. The G-Class has now undergone the most significant transformation of its almost 40-year career, in technical as well as stylistic terms – while still managing to stay true to itself.

Extraordinary appearance.

A giant slips smoothly through the urban canyons. For all its power, the G-Class also delivers vastly improved ride comfort on the road. The effortless superiority with which the off-roader moves through the city draws admiring glances as if by magic. The same thing happens at night: see and be seen.

The G-Class models.

Power and outstanding off-road capabilities, comfort and exclusive design. The new G-Class meets the highest standards. Discover the highlights.


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