Leader. Ship.



With time, with success and with experience, ambitions donʼt diminish. The journey just gets more enjoyable. More effortless. Safer. Everything feels somehow lighter when you travel in the new GLS, the SUV in the S-Class. Peace and serenity? Youʼve never experienced them like this before. Power? More than enough. Limits? None that weʼre aware of.

Charisma. Without any effort at all.

A new, dynamic exterior and revised, luxurious interior clearly underscores the impressive character of the GLS. With the new model, designers have adapted the full-size luxury SUV to the current Mercedes-Benz design idiom. Itʼs an art mastered by very few: the new GLS commands its surroundings just by being there – and with an enticingly high-quality design.

Improved comfort. Improved dynamism. Improved traction.

Whether put to everyday use or venturing off the beaten track – the GLS meets all requirements effortlessly and comfortably. What an auditory experience, what a soft, velvety way to deliver power. Itʼs enough to give even the most experienced automotive enthusiast goose bumps.

A place of refuge for visionaries.

State-of-the-art technology such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, PRE-SAFE®, and BRAKE ASSIST anticipate, warn, and even react to help keep you secure in any situation. In case of rain the available MAGIC VISION CONTROL instantly clears your path of sight with an adaptive heated windshield wiper system. The innovative technology is only complemented by a lavish interior filled with handcrafted amenities.

See it, feel it, touch it, hear it: get excitement on all 7 seats.

Thatʼs what luxury is about: investing everything in the business and even more in the family. Spending time with friends, yet sometimes just being alone. Luxury is the perfect balance. There are numerous options that allow you to personalise the new GLS further. From small details that just add a certain something, through to luxurious and comfortable appointments.

How much fascination can one car hold?

Like the GL before it, the new GLS is also setting standards in the world of the SUV as it confirms its position as the “S-Class among SUVs”. All design features as well as the control and display elements help to enhance the vehicle’s functionality and visual appeal and sportily luxurious style.

The GLS Models.

Thereʼs an S in GLS. It represents the comfort of an S-Class. But thereʼs a G there too – and at Mercedes-Benz that stands above all for: harder, higher, further. Our competence with all things off-road is legendary, a reputation established by the indestructible G-Class.