The new S-Class Sedan.

S - Class Sedan


The S-Class has embodied the automotive role of Mercedes-Benz like no other model series for decades. The three engineering priorities ‘Intelligent Drive’, ‘Efficient Technology’ and ‘Essence of Luxury’ let the all new S-Class go a significant step further. It is the technological spearhead of Mercedes-Benz and the flagship car that will set another milestone in the market.

Modern sense of status, sensual shapes and stylish sportiness

Dynamic and modern, trendsetting interior and exterior. Cutting-edge interior features include the innovative display unit with two adjacent (12.3’’) TFT screens. The all new S-Class provides a perfectly comfortable mobile working area with the latest entertainment, technology and sophisticated luxury interior.

Class-leading efficiency in every output category

Unrivalled travel comfort, superior performance, trailblazing efficiency, exemplary safety – thanks to an overall technological concept which underscores the S-Class’s leadership credentials The S-Class sets new standards here and in aerodynamics, aero acoustics and vibration/noise comfort too.

The aspiration: the best automobile in the world

Intelligent safety features, innovative driving technology and smart amenities provide a confident driving experience, giving the passengers a feeling of flying on a magic carpet. The all new S-Class is a pioneer on the road and autonomous in safe driving that lives up to the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive philosophy: Impressive Safety.

Sight machine

As soon as it gets dark, the eye of the new S-Class comes to life. The full-LED headlamps go into fully automatic action and reaction, illuminating with Precision the areas where they’re needed, exactly when they’re needed. You can even opt to take the shine off oncoming traffic if you want to avoid dazzling them. This gives you optimum vision in practically every driving situation and above all, a good feeling about where you’re headed.

Catapulting your career

The contours of the new S-Class combine stylish superiority with sporty elegance. The exciting lines suggest power and dynamism, even before the vehicle moves off. The interior delivers on the promise of the exterior: spaciousness, attractiveness and comfort, married together to give an unsurpassed ambience of well-being.

The S-Class Models

The all new S-Class is all about a certain approach to life. It stands for “wellness on wheels”. Anyone stepping into an S-Class is immersed in an ambience of stylish wellbeing. The car is built for customers who set extremely high standards, but have incredibly full diaries as well. Such individuals especially value being able to step into a car that is an oasis of “wellbeing”, a ”protected” space that they can literally lean back and enjoy.

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S-Class Sedan