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The SL is an icon among Mercedes-Benz sports cars which has been causing a stir on roads the world over since 1952. The latest generation of this sports car legend is even more athletic and agile than ever – with an all-aluminium body, an inspirational engine lineup and three suspension variants with settings ranging from extremely sporty to highly comfortable.

The SL. Athlete, Aesthete.

The pioneering design of the new SL Roadster will inspire and nurture visions. Its classy, elegant form, the high-class materials used and workmanship that displays a clear attention to detail and has a hand-crafted feel to it make the new SL Roadster a style-defining work of art.

Proves that you have no need to prove anything anymore

Inspirational driving pleasure and exemplary efficiency, exciting sportiness and relaxing comfort the SL combines all of these virtues thanks to the combination of a very light and at the same time highly rigid full-aluminium body, with highly efficient engines, a dynamic and fuel-efficient transmission and also three different chassis variants with settings ranging from extremely sporty to highly comfortable.

Innovative transmission technology

Sitting at the wheel of an SL is impossible to express in mere words. So let?s look at the underlying technology: the body is a triumph of aluminium engineering, the chassis a gamechanger which reconciles comfort and dynamism to perfection. And the extreme roadholding is like nothing you have ever experienced. But one thing remains resolutely familiar: the outstanding quality of Mercedes-Benz technology.

Under the open skies in less than 20 seconds

Well protected and with a free view of the sky. The vario-roof is the perfect complement to the outstanding performance of the new SL Roadster. It disappears into the rear of the car in less than 20 seconds. Even when the roof is down, the boot capacity is still an impressive 235 litres. With the roof up, you can carry up to 356 litres of luggage.

Forged in a fire that never

Over sixty years ago a car was created that would go on to receive the title “Sports Car of the Century”. It was the legendary 300 SL, the model that established a unique tradition of sports cars. Today’s SL generation is systematically building on and extending this tradition. The legend lives on.

The SL - Class Models

An outstanding fusion of dynamism and comfort – no other model in this segment comes as close to this ideal as the SL-Class.

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