The new generation SLC.
Unleash your senses.



The rhythm of the city suddenly seems to accelerate. Now the new-generation SLC sets the pace. Expressive design. Maximum performance. An astonishing engine sound. The air throbs. Everything is prepared for an even more intense driving experience. Open-top or with the roof closed, on the straight or chasing around curves. A sense of wonder has returned.

Turn the sun up loud.

The design of the new SLC works like an amplifier on the synapses and sense of sight. Long nose, short overhangs – the silhouette is muscular and sensationally dynamic when open and closed. Joie de vivre right down the line, starting with a distinctive front with a diamond radiator grille and chrome wing, brilliantly brought to a conclusion by an expressive tail end.

Love hertz.

A noise becomes a feeling. Listening becomes experiencing. The rich sound of the new sports exhaust system alone is reason enough to open the roof of the SLC. Each drive program has its own soundtrack: emotively appealing and intense, from powerful roaring through to a deep timbre.

Open for storms of enthusiasm.

An unadulterated roadster driving experience with the comfort and suitability for everyday use of a Mercedes-Benz – the new-generation SLC combines the unequalled motoring enjoyment of a roadster with the day-to-day practicality and quiet-running qualities of a coupé. If the sun comes out, the fully power-retractable roof goes down at the press of a button in less than 20 seconds. In the process the boot separator closes automatically on request for the first time: for even more uninterrupted comfort and cabriolet pleasure.

High-frequency intelligence.

The journey begins. The destination: spur of the moment. Thanks to latest-generation multimedia systems, 3D navigation, telephone and internet are just one touch away. There is an entire symphony of options for adapting the new SLC to your personal style. From small, fine details for that certain something through to selected, particularly exclusive comfort-enhancing appointments.

Sportiness for good vibrations on every road.

The SLC from Mercedes-Benz is a desirable Roadster at first glance with a masculine design. Pure driving pleasure comes from an unrivalled combination of sportiness and comfort. The SLC also conveys an air of self-confidence as a trendsetter and technology leader in its segment – the inventor of the vario-roof and AIRSCARF continues to create highlights.

The SLC models.

When driving, the new SLC delivers what its design promises: performance par excellence. Sporty to the max, fuel-efficient or comfortable? Anything goes. Five drive programs are available to choose from. For every mood, for every route.